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DiscoverTesting.com is the go-to source for anyone concerned with maintaining a healthy home environment. Our parent company, Silver Lake Research Corporation (SLRC), is the California biotech company that revolutionized the environmental testing industry by developing simple test kits that bring laboratory capabilities within everyone’s reach. Accurate testing, once available only through long and expensive analytical laboratory procedures, is now possible with do-it-yourself products such as the Watersafe® test kits. SLRC and its proprietary technology have made home testing quick, convenient and affordable. Now, DiscoverTesting.com brings the accuracy of a laboratory into the hands of every health conscious consumer.

DiscoverTesting.com offers a wide selection of home testing kits and solutions to contamination problems, products from Silver Lake Research and other top national brands such as Brita®, Culligan®, Watersafe® and more. At DiscoverTesting.com, each item is handpicked by a team of scientists and industry experts, bringing you the most innovative, best quality products to make your home a safe home.

With experience you can count on and products you can depend on, DiscoverTesting.com is your one-stop shop for home safety products and solutions.

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