Hydroponics Water Test Kit



Simply and accurately test your source water for excessive levels of six common growth inhibitors.




    Product Description

    • Detects six common growth inhibitors
    • Get professional lab results on the spot
    • No wet chemistry
    • Single use
    • Patented Technology



    Product Insert

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      Why Test?


      Have you ever had your water analyzed? The hydroponics water test kit gives growers an inexpensive, easy, and reliable way to evaluate water quality. Testing results should guide your decisions on water treatment. It's critical to test your water regularly to remain informed on the constantly changing conditions.


    • Water quality can determine the success or failure of any crop
    • Establish a baseline understanding of your intake water quality
    • Find out if there's anything in your water that could affect the availability of nutrients to your crop
    • Test results can be used to determine the appropriate water treatment system
    • Find out if your water treatment system is working properly

    Additional Information

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