Drinking Water Testing

Get informed and stay healthy!

Water is your family's most precious resource. That's why it's so important for you to know what’s getting into your home and filling your glass! Testing your water for dangerous chemicals and impurities is the most important first step in maintaining a happy, healthy, contaminant-free home. Our unique, do-it-yourself kits make it easier than ever to get professional results at an affordable price; and our professional, certified laboratory can perform more complete and comprehensive analyses.

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City Water Test Kit

This do-it-yourself water testing kit allows you to check your drinking water for eight common contaminants.


Well Water Test Kit

Ideal for individuals who get their water from a private well. Tests for 10 harmful contaminants.


Lead Test

Take 10 minutes to protect your family from the damaging effects of lead poisoning.

$ 9.95x

Bacteria Test

Check for the presence of coliform bacteria in your drinking water with this do-it-yourself, EPA-based test kit.

$ 9.95x

Pesticide Test

This patented, one-step test kit detects the most common pesticides used in the U.S. at the EPA MCL.

$ 9.95x

Water Cooler Test

Water coolers are not usually chlorinated, and can be easily infested by bacteria. Make sure yours is clean!

$ 9.95x

Bacteria Test 10 Pack

Check for the presence of bacteria in your drinking water with these do-it-yourself, EPA-based test kits.


Full Lab Analysis Kit

Comprehensive lab analysis with a 103-item contaminant check.


Basic Lab Analysis Kit

This low-cost lab analysis kit gives you a printed report with a 30-item contaminant check.


Lead Test

This test is designed to meet the regulatory requirements of the Lead and Copper Rule. Results in 3-5 days.


Fluoride Test

This lab analysis kit is an inexpensive way to check fluoride levels in your water!


Mercury Test

This lab analysis kit is an inexpensive way to check toxic mercury levels in your water!


Radon Test

This lab analysis kit analyzes and reports radon levels in your water!


Iron Bacteria Test

Recommended for well water, this lab analysis detects Iron Bacteria, which may cause deposits, unpleasant taste, and odors.


Radiologicals Test

This lab analysis detects two types of radioactivity in your water, plus uranium!


HydroTester pH Meter

Economically priced, reliable pH meter ideal for hydroponics, gardening, pools and more.


Digital Water Purity Tester (TDS Meter)

Measure Total Dissolved Solids, an indicator of contaminants, with this reusable, battery-powered meter.


Boris' Mercury Check Strips

Test your water for poisonous Mercury with these test strips.


Total Dissolved Solids Test Strips

Test your tap water for total dissolved solids with these convenient test strips.


Arsenic Test

This lab analysis kit is an inexpensive way to check toxic arsenic levels in your water!

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