School Science Projects offers a variety of science projects that are simple enough to be used by young elementary school students, yet sophisticated enough to for high school and college students performing scientific surveys. All of our science projects are designed for ages 8 and up.

Watersafe Science Project 10 Pack

Compare the quality of 10 different water samples. Includes data input and presentation software on CD.


Watersafe Science Project 4 Pack

Compare the quality of 4 different water samples. Includes data input and presentation software on CD.


Drinking Fountain Detective Kit

Test the drinking fountains at your school for the toxic metal, lead (Pb)!


Nitty Gritty Soil Science Project

Discover the role of microorganisms that live in the soil, and build a table-top composter.


Copper/Iron Science Project Kit

Reveal the damaging effects of corrosion on water systems and metal surfaces.


Acid Rain Science Project Kit

Learn about acid rain. Kit includes rain gauge, pH test, study guides and activity sheets.


Oxygen In Water Science Project Kit

Discover why dissolved oxygen is vital to a healthy aquatic environment.


Fertilizer Science Project Kit

Learn about plant nutrition, fertilizer, and the pollution of lakes and streams.


Astro Lab Projecting Planetarium

Learn about our solar system and the stars above with this multi-function planetarium!


Giant Volcano

This Smithsonian Giant Volcano Erupts Internally Like a Real Volcano!



A real working battery powered 4-cylinder model engine with real lights and sounds.


Prehistoric Sea Monsters

Our living Fossils hatch by simply adding water! Feed them and watch them grow.

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